Future Residents

At CMH Capital Inc Communities our goal is to provide you with the privacy, safety, and sense of community that helps make your house a home.

Pay Rent Online

Managing your home finances is simple. Access the resident portal to pay rent, view payment history, and check balances owed with ease.

Pay Locally

Prefer paying rent in cash near your community? Locate a nearby Zego/Paylease CashPay site for your convenience.

Resident Resources

Have something to tell us? Submit a resident survey, or submit your home improvement request to our management team! We’re always looking to improve our communities and help residents get what they need.

Resident Survey

Share your feedback and shape your community! Our Resident Survey allows you to provide valuable insights to CMH Capital Inc communities, helping us continuously improve and meet your needs.

Home Improvement Request

Enhance your manufactured home! Before embarking on any improvements, submit a Home Improvement Request with details, ensuring compliance and assistance from CMH Capital Inc communities in transforming your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions by future and currents residents. Select topic to find answers to any questions you might have.

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